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James H. / Beaconsfield, UK

When I’ve traded without the OVI I’ve tended to regret it

“This is my fourth time at Guy’s event and I keep on coming back because I learn something new and it’s always great to meet Guy himself. I’ve been trading for about 6 years now and I’ve been using Guys products for about 4 years. The OVI gives you that additional faith and certainty. My favourite strategy is his OVI gap-up after earnings. When I’ve traded without the OVI I’ve tended to regret it, so I’ve learned to stick to it!”

Roger W. / London, UK

Guy is a true partner in trading

“What really makes OVI Traders and Guy different from other providers is he is honest, he is patient, he has a method which manifestly works and is easy to understand why it works.
He explains why he takes a trade week-in and week-out, he trades himself, and it is enjoyable and entertaining to watch his weekly videos. He makes a lonely trader feel he is getting somewhere.
But mostly he and his system have been around for at least 10 years and he is still teaching the same system which he can demonstrate works. Other providers are marketers, every 6 months they market a ‘new, better’ system. ”

Charles T. / Reading, UK

I have doubled my account within a week.

“With all the support Guy provides, I am a lot more confident in trading than I was before. The most valuable lesson I have learnt is NOT to force a trade without the right setup. My favourite strategy is OVI breakout. In terms of best trades I have made so far, I have made 70% on one trade and I have doubled my account within a week.“

Rumi P. / London, UK

I am very, very confident to continue making substantial profits from trading

“I met Guy about a year ago and started using his products 6 months ago, I got to know him and trust him and I like his ethics. After using Guys strategies, I made 60% profit on an option trade, which is amazing value in only 4-5 days! I have been trading for 10 years but since I’ve been learning from Guy I have learnt many, many good things. With all the tools Guy gives us and videos online I am very, very confident to continue making substantial profits from trading. With the course and material Guy offers and the content he gives is amazing value. If anyone is looking for a solution to their trading this will be it! I definitely recommend the OVI to people out there. Anyone who is looking to trade successfully and professionally should come speak to Guy.”

Kedsey A. / San Diego, CA

I made over $200,000 in profits.

“Guy took me from 15 newsletters down to just one, saving me a fortune in subs alone! But he did so much more than that, transforming an undisciplined trading addict into a proper trader who made over $200,000 in profits. ”

Ryan D. / Portland, OR

I am up $68,050 on KR and SWKS alone.

“Total gain with various entry dates I am up $68,050 on KR and SWKS alone, and another $51,950 on five additional trades.”