What does the
OVIcopilot do?

There are times when life is so busy we don’t even have a small amount of time for our normal trading.

This is where the OVIcopilot can help with a part of your portfolio.

OVIcopilot is our automated portfolio trading system which has outperformed the market in and out of sample, and in and out of testing.

During favourable market conditions the OVIcopilot will:

All this in just a few seconds per day!

About OVIcopilot

OVIcopilot does all the hard work for you, managing a portfolio that
has outperformed the S&P in and out of testing over many years.

Automated OVI signals make trading even easier for you!

The OVIcopilot has been developed in collaboration with independent hedge fund analysts, and provides automated portfolio signals using our proprietary OVI indicator.

Past performance in and out of sample has comfortably beaten the S&P, though of course there can be no assurances that past performance will continue in the future.

However, our confidence arises from our unique model and how we will continue to recalibrate. Most systems are based on past price data or an interpretation of fundamental analysis of a company’s value.

Our approach is to track leveraged investing activity and follow it where appropriate. This requires billions of bits of data that very few parties could even own, let alone maintain.

Your OVIcopilot subscription includes:

The OVIcopilots

  • The “Pure” OVIcopilot for all stocks and two additional ones for traders requiring lower priced stocks under $100 and for stocks under $50. This is the main automated OVI model.

  • The Flag-OVIcopilot for all stocks and two additional ones for traders requiring lower priced stocks under $100 and for stocks under $50. This is an automated model that combines flag patterns with the OVI.

Overflow OVIcopilots for when the main portfolios are full

Even when the main portfolios are full you can see selections that would have made the grade.

OVI Market Sentiments for the index and for individual stock trading

For enhanced probability the OVIcopilots are active only when the OVI Stock Sentiment is positive.

Access to the OVI charts for any stock

Mini TradeFinder

Trade calculators

  • Automated Trade Management Calculator that shows exactly where to place stops and profit targets
  • Trade Size Calculator to ensure you’re not over-exposed on any single trade.

And much more!

In summary

Let our automated system take the strain by highlighting systematically proven trade ideas for you

Automated portfolio

Use the OVIcopilot’s index-beating portfolio to do all the hard work for you.

Quick idea generator

Many traders like to use the OVIcopilot’s selections to hand-pick great individual trades with some discretion.

Mini TradeFinder

When the OVIcopilot goes quiet it means the market isn’t absolutely optimal. However, you can still find good OVI trades with our Mini TradeFinder.

Trade calculators

You will also receive our Automated Trade Manager which shows you where to place your entries and stops.
Some traders prefer to allow our trade management calculator to help them with entering and exiting their trades. You can use this great tool to help you manage any of your trades.

The OVIcopilot is a proven tool endorsed by independent hedge fund analysts

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