How is The OVI Private Club different?

Imagine simplifying your trading activity to just a few minutes a day.

Gain a strong sense of market direction in just seconds, then take your pick of the highest probability trade setups.

This is all possible with OVI Private Club.

About OVI Private Club

The OVI Private Club empowers you with an array of trading tools for all market conditions. Focusing on our proprietary and proven OVI, you’ll also find support, education, live webinars and amazing functionality to help you outperform the markets consistently.

A bird’s-eye view of the market… and much more

Here is a just a selection of the unique and proven applications inside the OVI Private Club

OVI Sentiment Indicator

The OVIsi provides a proven context in terms of whether the market is bullish or bearish. This one indicator has outperformed the S&P over many years and can be used to trade the index in a matter of seconds.

This alone is invaluable!

OVI Dashboard

Imagine being able to see in one glance the state of the market in terms of trends, various tradable patterns, and of course the OVI, all together in easy to read pie charts…

That’s what you get with the amazing OVI Dashboard… and much more!

Dynamic WatchLists

Keep all your stocks organised however you want them in folders. All the relevant information on trends, flags and OVI are displayed intuitively for you to read in one glance. Also spy on Guy’s watch lists so you can see what he’s interested in!

This has been described as a game-changer by many veteran OVI Traders!

Reversals TradeFinder

The markets can’t always be trending, and you need to know about reversal setups.
In particular, our filters for the amazing Railroad Tracks setup which you can also combine with the OVI for enhanced probabilities.

Live Webinars with Guy

See what Guy is observing and how he finds the best stocks to trade.

This alone has helped hundreds of traders make great investments, just by watching Guy highlighting stocks for high probability OVI setups on a regular basis.

Unique Trading Education

Watch Guy’s videos or read his articles and blogs.

You’ll only learn what is relevant and what has proven to actually work. When you see the OVI in action with Guy’s favoured setups you won’t want to look at anything else.


Communicate with other OVI traders who want to help each other.

Unlimited Support

We want you to succeed as many others do, so we’re here to help by email or telephone.

The OVI Private Club provides you with an unrivalled array of proprietary trading tools and education that you simply cannot get anywhere else

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