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Imagine taking the entire market of stocks and filtering them down to a handful of prime opportunities with proven higher odds of success, in just a few seconds…

That’s the power of FlagTrader, which enables you to filter stocks with our unique OVI and other proprietary filters.

At OVI Traders we know that simplicity pays.

It helps that we have our proven indicator, the OVI. This is the ultimate game-changer. We then combine this with our other proprietary filters for flags, trends and other setups.

FlagTrader gives you a unique combination of education and stock filtering. Focus on just a couple of setups that are proven, and master them.

That’s the beauty of FlagTrader. It focuses on what really works.

About FlagTrader

The most successful traders focus on one thing.
FlagTrader focuses on the OVI combined with flags and trends.
Use the TradeFinder for deep filtering into key OVI setups.

Why every trader needs FlagTrader

There are three simple steps to being a successful FlagTrader

Step 1

Imagine being able to watch the most accomplished risk takers in the market, and following their direction with higher probability.

  • The OVI enables you to observe aggressive hedge funds behaviour.
  • These highly able entities only deploy greater risk where they believe they hold a serious edge.
  • This belief comes from their market information and research that gives them the confidence to outlay greater risk via leverage.
  • The OVI follows this behaviour and is proven to outperform the markets.

Step 2

The flag pattern gives you a GPS so you can trade with lower risk at the most likely point of explosive price movement.

  • Not only does FlagTrader identify high probability OVI behaviour, it also filters for optimal price setups in order for you to contain your risk and be in control from the outset of every trade.
  • In this way, FlagTrader identifies the best OVI setups in the market with just a couple of clicks.

Step 3

Our unique trading plan ensures you keep your winners and can ride any trend should it materialise.

  • Enter a trade with full control
  • Ensure decent profits do not turn into losses
  • Ride any trend that materialises for windfall profits.

Remember, trading is a numbers game that should be based on pure logic.

We use the logic of demand and supply. We apply this logic to likely hedge fund trading activity, thereby removing the noise of non-professional activity.

After all, the activity that makes the most sense to follow is that from the professionals.

The OVI is a proven indicator that is endorsed by independent hedge fund quants.

In summary

Filter for the best OVI stocks

The FlagTrader TradeFinder will identify stocks that fit our optimal requirements for high probability trades.


Watch over Guy’s shoulder as he gives you the playbook for optimal OVI trading.
The FlagTrader online DVD course has the perfect balance of pace and detail, so you’ll enjoy the learning experience and get started as efficiently as possible.


You can save your favourite filter combinations (or use Guy’s) and be up and trade within minutes on any day you choose to trade. Also spy on Guy’s personal Flag watch list at any time!


We want you to succeed as many others do, so we’re here to help by email or telephone.

Whatever your current experience, FlagTrader is a great place to start your OVI experience

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