What is OptionEasy
Vol-2-Cash about?

A company is about to make an announcement that you feel will catapult the stock price… The only thing is you’re not sure in which direction!

The question is… Can you make money from that situation?

The answer is… Yes you can!

OptionEasy’s Vol-2-Cash is a proven system that identifies stocks that are likely to make interesting moves in either direction in advance of the news event.

  1. We do this by trading straddles, but in a particular and special way:
  2. We do buy plenty of time with both calls and puts
  3. We only buy where our proprietary algorithms detect the options are undervalued
  4. We give you a step-by-step plan to do this for yourself in just a matter of minutes
  5. We give you the tools and the rules to execute with safety.
  6. You use our filters to identify the most likely opportunities, and you use our plan to manage your trades.

Find optimal volatility stocks with preferential options criteria in just a couple of clicks. By preferential options for straddles we mean those which are undervalued according to our proprietary algorithms.

That’s the power of OptionEasy Vol-2-Cash.

At OptionEasy we know that simplicity pays. OptionEasy gives you a unique combination of education and options filtering for different strategies. Focus on your preferred strategies, master them with our education suite, and let our TradeFinders do the heavy lifting for you.

That’s the beauty of OptionEasy. It focuses on what really works for you.

About OptionEasy Volatility

OptionEasy Vol-2-Cash focuses on trading options in advance of an announcement where we don’t care which direction the stock will move in. All we care about is that the stock does make a big move. Simply filter for optimal straddles and combine with our trading plan.
All in just a few clicks!

OptionEasy Vol-2-Cash is a favourite among OptionEasy traders because it’s simple,
fun, and the risk is strictly limited by our excellent and proven technique.

For stocks that look poised for a big move in either direction, get you ready to profit whichever way the stock moves, provided it moves!
Three simple steps to being a great volatility trader:

Step 1

Filter for “value” options

Most people don’t really understand what a “value” option is. Our proprietary algorithms are able to hunt for options that have historically been much more expensive, and which now appear to be cheap. This radically reduces the risk of our Vol-2-Cash trades.

Step 2

Filter for the right setup at the right time

There is typically a limited timeframe for when these options are presenting great value. We also require a suitable chart setup that hints at a large move to follow. Timing a probability is crucial!

Step 3

Manage the trade with our simple step-by-step plan

With all of our strategies, we emphasise that managing the trade from selection to entry, all the way to the final exit is crucially important, and often ignored by others. High probability and low risk setups are part of our success. The other component is our trading plans.

Also, you’ll have an amazing suite of education so you’ll know exactly what to do in simple steps:


Learn step-by-step

Watch over Guy’s shoulder as he gives you the playbook for trading straddles and strangles optimally. The online DVD courses are so clear, you can get started immediately.



You can save your favourite straddle filter combinations (or use Guy’s) and be up and trade within minutes on any day you choose to trade. Also, spy on Guy’s personal watch list at any time!

Remember, trading is a numbers game that should be based on pure logic.
That’s what we do with all of our strategies.

In summary

Filter for the best volatility stocks

You’ll be identifying best value stocks that are poised to explode, whose options are looking cheap.

Execute our simple step-by- step trading plan

This will ensure you minimise any risk and maximise profits when the stock moves appropriately.

Unlimited support

We want you to succeed as many others do, so we’re here to help by email or telephone.

Trade earnings surprises without caring which direction the stock moves in. So long as the stock moves enough in either direction.

Get started with OptionEasy Vol-2-Cash