What sets
OptionEasy 3XL
apart from the rest?

Find optimal OVI stocks with preferential options criteria in just a couple of clicks. By preferential options we mean those with the optimum balance of leverage, liquidity and risk.

That’s the power of OptionEasy 3XL. It enables you to filter stock options with our unique OVI and other proprietary filters.

At OptionEasy we know that simplicity pays. It helps that we have our proven indicator, the OVI. This is the ultimate game-changer. We then combine this with our other proprietary filters for flags, trends and other setups before then filtering for the appropriate options.

OptionEasy gives you a unique combination of education and options filtering for different strategies. Focus on your preferred strategies, master them with our education suite, and let our TradeFinders do the heavy lifting for you.

That’s the beauty of OptionEasy. It focuses on what really works for you.

About OptionEasy 3XL

OptionEasy 3XL focuses on trading options for simple leverage. Simply filter for optimal OVI stocks and combine with optimal options criteria. All in just a few clicks!

OptionEasy 3XL is for every options trader, regardless of your experience level

Three simple steps to being a great OVI stock options trader:

Step 1

Filter for optimal OVI stocks

Just a couple of clicks and the software does this all for you!

  • The OVI identifies stocks displaying aggressive hedge funds activity in either direction.
  • Following the OVI is proven to outperform the markets.
  • The OptionEasy 3XL TradeFinder combines OVI filters with optimal chart setups so you can be in control from the outset.

Step 2

Filter for optimal options, balancing leverage, liquidity and risk

Another couple of clicks and you’ll see the results from the optimal options filters.

  • Most options traders don’t understand the optimal balance between leverage, liquidity and risk. We do. We want you to achieve outsized gains, but only with acceptable levels of risk.
  • The OptionEasy 3XL filters are designed to give you flexibility.

Step 3

Execute our unique trading plan to ensure maximum safety and profit from each trade

  • Because of this unique combination of stock and options filters, you can enter a trade with confidence that regardless of the outcome, you’re in full control throughout.
  • Ensure decent profits do not turn into losses
  • Ride any trend that materialises for windfall profits.

Remember, trading is a numbers game that should be based on pure logic.

We use the logic of demand and supply, focusing on likely hedge fund trading activity, thereby removing the noise of non-professional activity.

In summary

Filter for the
best OVI stocks

The OptionEasy 3XL TradeFinder will identify stocks that fit our optimal requirements for high probability trades.

Filter for the
right options

For the optimal between leverage, liquidity and risk.


Watch over Guy’s shoulder as he gives you the playbook for optimal OVI options trading with leverage.
The OptionEasy 3XL online DVD course has the perfect balance of pace and detail, so you’ll enjoy the learning experience and get started as efficiently as possible.


You can save your favourite filter combinations (or use Guy’s) and be up and trade within minutes on any day you choose to trade.
Also, spy on Guy’s personal Flag watch list at any time!


We want you to succeed as many others do, so we’re here to help by email or telephone.

Whatever your current experience, OptionEasy 3XL is a great place to start your options trading experience.

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