Combine OptionEasy strategies with the OVI to Use 'Smart Leverage'

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Master options with our software and learning solutions.

OptionEasy methods and software applications dramatically simplify your options learning journey.

Regardless of your level of experience with options, we can show you how to use 'smart leverage'.

Using our unique approach to stock selection, you can then master the appropriate options strategies for your trading goals.

Use our OptionEasy strategies with our patented, algorithm-based indicator - the OVI. You'll be empowered to identify higher-probability trades in various market conditions.

The secret is to keep it simple, and focus on what works for your trading.

Trading options with OptionEasy

Unique solutions in the palm of your hand.

Our OptionEasy tools are user-friendly web-based applications, also fully accessible on mobile devices. All you need to do is to login to your member’s account.

Choose from any of the mainstream options strategies, but specialise in just a few to fit your trading preferences. Whether you want to learn ultra simple low risk strategies, or something a little more adventurous - we have the perfect match for you.

WiseTraders use clean, simple charts to reveal hidden market intelligence and help you place smarter trades.

These are the three 'Master Keys' to becoming the best options trader you can be and we provide you with the tools.

Our world class options trading solutions

Select from three different membership types, perfect for every level of experience and commitment.

Each OptionEasy membership includes tools, training and dedicated support.

Strategy Analyzer on a tablet


Find OVI stocks with the optimum balance of leverage and risk. Also use our earnings filters to leverage our advantage before or after earnings.
$ 1997
  • Members Area Access
  • Premium tools and calculators
  • Options 101 interactive tutorials
  • Advanced Options tutorials
  • Call and put strategy tutorials

  • Long call and put TradeFinders with OVI Filters

Perfect for all experience levels.
For traders looking to grow a small account, or wanting to learn how to use ‘smart leverage’.
OptionEasy Pricer on tablet


Identify stocks that are poised to make big moves in either direction, typically as a result of an upcoming news event.
$ 1997
  • Members Area Access
  • Premium tools and calculators
  • Options 101 interactive tutorials
  • Advanced Options tutorials
  • Straddle and Strangle strategy tutorials

  • OptionEasy straddle TradeFinder

For more adventurous traders.
For traders that want to exploit volatility during earnings season without concern about direction.
Implied Vol Chart on tablet

Income Booster

If a regular income is your priority, you can choose between nine different income strategies geared towards generating monthly returns.
$ 1997
  • Members Area Access
  • Premium tools and calculators
  • Options 101 interactive tutorials
  • Advanced Options tutorials
  • Strategy tutorial for all income strategies

  • OptionEasy TradeFinders for 9 income strategies:

  • - Covered call, diagonal call, calendar call, naked put, bull put, bear call, collar, iron butterfly, iron condor

Perfect for all levels.
For traders looking to generate regular income by putting their capital to work with managed risk.

Have your ever ... ?

Felt too afraid to make an options trade?

To make clear decisions you need to keep things simple. If you’re not following a simple, logic-based trading plan, you’ll be struggling from the start.

Felt out of control during a trade?

Maybe you didn’t fully understand the strategy. Or perhaps you weren’t following a structured system altogether and using market news and hunches instead.

Felt confused by complex options courses?

So many trading courses and systems out there are overwhelming, with dozens of indicators and complex rules. This can leave you feeling confused and lead to mistakes.

With OptionEasy you’ll learn how to overcome all of these issues.

We Help Options Traders Transform Their Approach

OptionEasy gives you clarity and simplicity.

TradeFinder Results on tablet

A simpler, better way to Trade Options

The OVI on a tablet

Combine our powerful OptionEasy filters with the OVI.

Trading with 'smart leverage' can enhance the returns of stock trading with risk control built in.

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