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For the few who fit the profile, OVI Traders offer tailored mentorships designed to help you achieve your financial goals in record time.

In an OVI Mentorship you can learn how to trade stocks, options, or both.

Every OVI Mentorship:

“During my OVI Mentorship the results were always instantaneous.”

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Susan H. / London, UK

It really makes a difference

“The Mentoring program was so worth it! The course layout was done very well, and I only wish it was a little longer. It helped me to see more things that I normally would not have seen before. Glenn thought of almost everything I needed to help me trade the OVI method. It really makes a difference. Being mentored helped reiterate the importance of not rushing a trade and really only making the “A+ trades.” I have become more disciplined and more confident in increasing my trade position. My account also grew!

Tony D. / London, UK

The best decision I’ve ever made

“I just wanted to tell you how deeply grateful I am for the mentorship program with Glenn. This has truly been the best decision I’ve ever made. What a pleasure and a life-changer it has been. For the first time in my 3-years-of-trading-career I’ve had three months in a row with consistent profit! I’m so amazed and so happy that this is actually happening to me. I can’t emphasize enough how deeply grateful I am – so to all of you: Paul, Glenn, Guy and everybody in this team – from the bottom of my heart: THANK YOU!! I hope this is the start of something great!”

John A. / London, UK

To say it was enjoyable would be an understatement.

“The results were always instantaneous and my mentor Glenn had a fantastic way of encouraging me. The fact that he always held me to account was also extremely helpful. I would recommend the mentorship even to experienced traders. It’s worth it just for the discipline of the trading routine that Glenn helps you establish. Glenn would go beyond the call of duty at every single class and to say it was enjoyable would be an understatement. You are being mentored by someone who loves trading and this will be your experience too if you are lucky enough to be mentored by Glenn!”


Meet our experienced OVI Mentor

Glenn Sirott is the driving force behind our mentorship program

Glenn is a full time trader with over 10 years of experience.

Since learning what it takes to master the markets, he is now devoted to fast tracking the success of aspiring traders worldwide.

Glenn’s Story:

“I started trading in 2007, and in the years following I did everything wrong at some point. As I continued to learn from my mistakes, it became apparent that education was absolutely necessary (as in any business) to be successful.

So I attended an online trading school in early 2010 for 15 months where I learned from people who traded for a living. I realized that perfect practice makes perfect… and I’ve been trading full time ever since. I taught through a chat room and had 170,000+ video views a few years ago.

We can learn to trade well, especially with the right content (the FlagTrader and OptionEasy methods). I love what I do and it affords me time to give back through a charitable organization on weekends that I am a board member on.”

The Full Experience

An OVI Mentorship is not just limited to training sessions. Take a look at everything you will receive as part of your Mentorship Package.

OVI Stocks Mentorship

Not only will you transform your trading with our comprehensive one-to-one mentoring service, you will also receive all the software needed to put your newfound knowledge into practice.

  • FlagTrader
  • Reversals
  • OVI Post-Earnings
  • OVI Pre-Earnings
  • Automated
    Trade Manager

Accelerate your stock trading to professional levels with one of our experienced mentors

OptionEasy Mentorship

Transform your options trading with our comprehensive one-to-one mentoring service. Not to mention full access to our sophisticated OptionEasy Software.

  • OptionEasy 3XL
  • OptionEasy Earnings
  • OptionEasy Volatility
  • OptionEasy Income

Accelerate your options knowledge to professional levels with one of our experienced mentors.