How to make 2021 your best year ever!

From the major political overhaul of Brexit, to the huge administration changes in the U.S, the market is changing and evolving quickly.
Some will win, some will lose… And many will get seriously rich!

Traders have begged me for years to come to the US to teach my renowned OptionEasy Strategies. Since we’re on the brink  of UNPRECEDENTED opportunity in the market, I’ve obliged.

Agenda for OptionEasy Live workshop 2021

Day 1


7:30 AM


Fill your boots… it’s on the house!

8:45 AM


9:00 AM

Options 101 Recap

  • Don’t worry, you’ll already be prepared before the event!
  • Guy will also tie in the basic OVI setups we’ll be exploiting

9:30 AM

Optimal Leverage for Safety and Profits

  • The simplest bullish strategy (long call 3XL)
  • The simplest bearish strategy (long put 3XL)

11:00 AM


Refreshments provided

11:20 AM

Exploit Earnings Pops for Maximum Odds!

  • Everyone should know this
  • Trade Earnings with Low Risk!

1:00 PM


Enjoy a variety of fare… it’s on the house!

1:30 PM

Advanced Recap

Don’t worry, you’ll already be fully prepared before the event!

2:30 PM

Play Earnings BOTH WAYS In Advance!

Straddle … the right way!

3:30 PM

Create Income For Your Life

Explore how easy it is to create income from simple options strategies

4:00 PM


Refreshments provided

4:15 PM

The Easiest Income Strategy

Anyone can do this one (covered call)

4:45 PM

Leveraging The Easiest Income Strategy

Not many people know how to do this properly … but you will! (diagonal call)

5:30 PM

Supercharging The Easiest Income Strategy

Avoid the pitfalls that few traders know about! (calendar call)

6:00 PM


This is all on Guy, so don’t hold back! Meet and get to know the entire OVI team who are flying in from all around the world!

Day 2


7:30 AM


On the house again!

9:00 AM

Day One Recap

Getting you back into the groove

10:00 AM

A Popular Income Strategy, But Handle With Care

Guy will show you why most people misuse this strategy (naked put)

10:30 AM

The ‘Do-Nothing’ Bullish Income Strategy

11:00 AM


You’ll need it by now!

11:30 AM

The ‘Do-Nothing’ Bearish Income Strategy

The complete reverse of the bull put spread … (bear call spread)

12:15 AM

The ‘Double Do-Nothing’ Income Strategy

Here, Guy will combine the two previous strategies to create a direction-neutral income strategy (long iron butterfly).

12:45 AM


Enjoy a variety of fare… it’s on the house!


Increase the Odds of the ‘Double Do-Nothing’ Income Strategy

Just a small tweak to increase the odds and safety … (long iron condor)

2:30 PM

The ‘No-Risk’ Income Strategy

For the ultra-conservative … (collar)

3:00 PM

Your Personalized OptionEasy System

  • Access your own personalized TradeFinder results with just one click!
  • Use the leverage multiple and OptionEasy pricing calculators for the ultimate professional experience

4:00 PM


Refreshments provided

5:00 PM


  • We’re always making improvements so here’s a tour of the latest.
  • Time lapse video training charts – One year’s experience in just a day.

6:00 PM


Time for more refreshments


By attending this Private Event you’ll receive access to my Complete OptionEasy Software Suite

The World’s Leading Expert on Options Trading

Guy Cohen

Creator of the OVI, FlagTrader and OptionEasy

An innovator in financial trading, specialising in stocks and options, Guy is the author of the best-selling books “Options Made Easy”, “The Bible of Options Strategies”, “The Insider Edge” and “Volatile Markets Made Easy”.

His clients include the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE), the International Securities Exchange (ISE), along with several brokers.

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We are very hopeful that we will be able to host the Bootcamp live in April, while strictly maintaining any recommended COVID guidelines. However, with these guidelines changing regularly, there’s a chance this event will be held fully remotely. We had huge success and phenomenal feedback from our remote events in 2020, so the tech is all in place to make this an exceptional at-home trading experience for you if needs be.

The OptionEasy Miami Beach Experience


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