How OVI Events
can help you succeed

Whether you’re a beginner or a trading veteran, thousands of traders have transformed their trading through an OVI event.

We run events for stocks and options trading. All our events are:

Our world-class events

We run exceptional live events in the form of workshops for both stocks and options

OVI Traders Live Stocks Workshop: London

Spend an entire day with Guy where he’ll coach you on four OVI strategies that you can start using immediately. You can also attend this event remotely from your home.

  • FlagTrader
  • Reversals
  • Ovi Post-Earnings
  • OVI Pre-Earnings
  • Automated Trade Manager
  • Workshop recordings
  • Mastermind sessions
  • OVI training charts
  • Live webinars
  • Options 101

Regardless of your experience, the OVI Traders Workshop is an unmissable event that OVI traders come to year after year.

OptionEasy Live Workshop: Miami

Spend two days with Guy where he’ll teach you how to trade his favourite 12 options strategies, plus many bonuses. You can also attend this event remotely from your home.

  • Long call and Long put 3XL
  • OVI options post-earnings
  • OVI options pre-earnings
  • Straddles and straddles
  • Covered calls, diagonals, naked puts, bull puts, bear calls, iron butterflies, iron condors … and more!

Accelerate your progress to professional levels with a professional coach.