Uncertainty Heightens Trading Risk

During a webinar on Thursday I mentioned that with so much news imminent (the election, etc) and with the markets demonstrably in a state of apprehension, it was difficult to identify suitably low risk trades in the way that we typically do.

And then right on cue, just hours later the US president tests positive to the virus, further heightening the sense of uncertainty.

One stock that stands to benefit from all the drama is REGN, which has been reported as supplying his treatment with a new cocktail of antibodies.  Indeed, this stock has leapt during out of hours, and it will be fascinating to see how it opens on Monday.

Notwithstanding that, my words of the last few weeks still apply …

Stay patient and the setups and optimal market conditions will come around again soon enough … they always do.  In the meantime it’s essential to keep on top of things with regular check-ins, even if they’re only for a few minutes just to see how your watchlists and favourite stocks are performing.  Also, pre-earnings setups will really start to kick-in from Monday, and I’ll review those next week.

Today’s market review is a replay of that particular webinar I gave on Thursday.

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