Trump’s Tax Bill Passes To Fulfill Market Expectations

Trump’s tax bill has been passed, which justifies the market’s bull run.  

Remember, for us all that matters is what the leveraged players are doing, and overwhelmingly we have seen that 
they have been bullish, as you’ll see in today’s OVI Market Review Video.  

Also in today’s video you’ll see how to use the OVI Traders Club’s apps to get a quick market overview and how to find great setups in just a few minutes. 

We are not interested in drama, opinions from CEOs or talking heads on CNBC or the news.  

All we care about is where the higher risk, intelligent money is consistently going, and provided price corroborates that, 
we may too make a move.  

It’s incredibly simple, effective and it’s proven.  

We don’t have unintelligible scribbles across my charts.  
We simply follow where the leveraged smart money appears to be going with a couple of excellent and 
reliable patterns that help us manage risk and maximise any move that may happen in our favour.  

Those patterns mainly comprise of the OVI, flags, trends, and a couple of simple reversal setups.  

Easy to master and will ensure you master the markets for as long as you like. 

Bye for now (from sunny Mauritius!)

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