Time to Get Busy, Markets Looking Healthier … And Answer this question honestly

Good news!  The markets are starting to look much more tradeable again. This earnings season is already looking decent, and I’m now expecting a healthy post-earnings.

More about that in a few moments …

Before today’s market review, I have an important question for you …

What is your plan?

I’m asking this because – as you may know by now – my OVI research is used by professional money managers for their clients portfolios – similar to a hedge fund.

And over the coming days and weeks I’ll be sharing news of what such a trading system can achieve without human intervention.

What you’ll see is the true power of a data-driven trading model that is rigorously tested to institutional standards. The kind of intense research and analysis that gets to the heart of a system’s real authenticity and true potential.

After of many years of serious graft I’m excited to share it with you. But you can’t take advantage of even the best trading technology if you don’t have a clear plan.

It’s just like driving. Imagine being the owner of a million-dollar supercar. But if you’ve never taken a driving lesson, the best car in the world is no good to you. You’ll crash into that bush by the side of the road as soon as you set off!

I’m often contacted personally by traders who are struggling to get consistent results. When I dig a little deeper in order to help them, 9/10 times it’s the same problem.

They either don’t have a clear plan.
Or, those that do have a plan aren’t following it consistently.

I wanted to highlight this today, right now, because it kills me to hear from traders who are struggling with this …

Especially when it’s so easy to fix!

All you need to do is commit to following a clear trading plan that has been proven to work.

This one tiny change can completely transform your results. Just like it did with Zoe, who Whatsapp’d me about how this principle changed her trading:

Zoe was once one of those traders I described above, who struggled with applying the rules consistently … and now after experiencing the difference time and time again she’s nailing it! The same happened with Chloe who’s quadrupled her account in around nine months, and many others.

But that’s enough time on my soapbox. On to the market review!

As I mentioned, this earnings is looking good already, with several good winners secured and plenty more to come.

We’ve been patient during the late summer months … Now we’re back in play!

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