This Week’s Tale of Two Stocks

So this week I have recorded my market review directly into my fancy new microphone – only to discover at the end that it wasn’t connected!  The sound is totally fine, but not quite a crisp as usual!

This week exemplified the tale of two stocks …

One has doubled since forming one of my favourite setups May, and the other is a drama-addicted basket-case that has proved impossible to trade.

Which stocks am I talking about?


AMD is up 20% this past week alone, breaking out from another classic post earnings OVI setup, having more than doubled from its post-earnings OVI setup in May.

In that same period since May, TSLA has lurched between 280-380, gapping up, gapping down, and behaving wildly in response to its regular supply of drama.

The question is … which do you prefer to trade?

If you follow my methods, then of course it has to be AMD …
If you prefer drama, then you might have been tempted by TSLA.

But think about it … AMD has DOUBLED since one of my classic OVI setups in May!  Many of my mentorship students are sitting on profits from this, as well as a couple of my team members too.

All they’re doing is following one of my favourite – and easiest setups.

In today’s market review I’m covering those two stocks of course, as well as several others that make for interesting commentaries.  Namely:

  • My CAN SLIM filters for high quality companies which I combine with the OVI setups.
  • The Volume Pocket OVI setup that I combine with a subsequent OVI consolidation.

I’ll be covering both of these in my London workshop on 1st December, which you can attend in person, remotely or by video recording.