This One Technique Will Save Your Account

The markets have continued to rise in accordance with expectations, with the likes of AMD still in play as existing and potential trades and LOW popping up nicely as one of my favourites from last week.

Now, what if you have a busy week like I’ve just had, and you don’t have much time to keep in touch with the markets?

Simple … just review a small selection, either:

  • Your favourite watch lists; or
  • Your recently viewed stocks; or
  • A well-defined TradeFinder filter

The choice is yours.  Today, I’ve just reviewed last week’s stocks.

Now, what about the title of today’s email, the technique that will save your account?

Without this particular technique that I teach, you would find yourself allowing decent profits to turn into losses.  EVERY trader has been guilty of that at some point, and its very damaging to your confidence as well as your account.

In today’s video I’ll reveal to you just how important it is to use the technique as I teach it, and the impact it will have.

Remember, when you use the OVI you can increase your win rate as statistical fact.  But you still need to execute the right plan for optimal consistent results.

Remember to be on alert for major announcements coming soon.

Also remember, my London workshop on 1st December, which you can attend in person, remotely or by video recording is still at the Super Early Bird offer.

You can secure your seat now before the price rises.


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