The Fed is Relaxed, Markets Twitchy, We Only Trade What We See

Watch Today’s OVI Market Review to See How The Insiders Loaded Up On BCR Before its Buyout!

As you spend more time with me you’ll be amazed at how you see  hidden activity materialize before a big event like earnings or even a buyout.  

Today I show you how the hidden leveraged activity went on for several weeks while BCR‘s share price barely moved.  

And then … a price explosion of 22% in a couple of days as BCR announced its earnings and a buyout! 

The great news for you is that 

(a)  The activity is not hidden to us, but it is virtually invisible to just about everyone else. 
(b)  We often see it happening ahead of time so you can get prepared and take advantage for yourself.  

In the News Today: 

The Fed is relaxed about the latest softening of growth figures, but one thing you’ll learn as you spend time with me is that I don’t much care for the news!  

I only really care about what real money at real risk is doing.  

This has several major advantages: 

1.  It’s proven statistically to work and outperform the markets. 
2.  It cuts out all the drama. 
3.  It saves massive amounts of time.  

When you follow the money like I do, you’ll recognise there are times where the market is acting with clarity and times when it’s not.  

As you spend more time with me you’ll start to appreciate what those times are and act accordingly.  

Remember last time I mentioned I’m cautiously optimistic but ONLY if there’s a breakout to the upside.  

Right now it’s one of those uncertain times, but things can change very quickly, which means you need to be on the ball and predator-like in your approach to the markets.  

When they’re ready to move the markets won’t wait for you, so even in a waiting market you need to be prepared to pounce.  

In today’s video I outline a few stocks and how they’re behaving during this earnings period. Plus why the market is in a stalling mode right now.  And you’ll really want to see BCR’s behaviour before its earnings and buyout announcement! 

Watch Today’s OVI Market Review to See How The Insiders Loaded Up On BCR Before its Buyout!

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