Tech Leads the Way, Oil Set for Short Term Bounce

My cautiously optimistic stance is paying dividends.  As you spend more time with me you’ll be able to read the market more accurately, and free from all the clutter and drama of the “news”.  This is why so many traders stay with me year after year.  

Today’s video is in two parts … The quick summary is that oil and gas stocks are set for a short term bounce with one of my favourite reversal setups, but the big situation is that tech continues to dominate the market’s bullishness.  

If you want to delve deeper into what’s happening by all means go beyond the 5-minute mark of the video, where I then outline more stocks that are setting up intriguingly.  

Remember, in our world we typically only trade breakouts.  This protects us from situations where the setup looks great but there’s no actual follow-through in the stock.  

Finally … 

I am expecting to release our new watch list functionality on Monday! 

This will be a massive improvement to your experience, and will ensure that you don’t miss stocks that you want to watch ever again!  

As always, we’re making continual improvements to everything, from our analysis with independent hedge fund quants (we’re the only ones you’ll ever see who do that!), to our user experience to make things easier and faster for all of us.     

Bye for now

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