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Some Really Good Setups Despite Challenging Conditions

Tech stocks have weathered the broader market storm very well, the Nasdaq holding firm while the S&P, Dow and Russell have taken a hit this past week. As you might expect, the vast majority of constructive setups are with tech stocks, which we’ll focus on today, and there are some really good setups to consider. […]

Same as Last Week

Last week’s headline was “Still Bullish, Still Challenging” and it applies equally to this week too. There are plenty of decent setups, we’re seeing good winners, but we’re also seeing plenty of whipsaw type of behavior as well. So please continue to be fussy about your selections and vigilant with executing my trading plan. Market […]

Still Bullish Still Challenging

Plenty of decent setups for us this week, but you’ll also see plenty of whipsaw-type action too. Just look at the main indices for how that played out this past four days alone! So you have to be fussy about your selections and vigilant with executing my trading plan.  How many months have I been […]

Bill’s 195% (3x) BYND Bonanza

On Wednesday I received an email from MaryAnn who’s been a member for 9-years.  She said: Dear Guy Hope you’ve had a good week.  It was amazing how you told us about BYND at the weekend …  … And she went on to mention a few other stocks with similar setups that she’d found with […]

Groundhog Day from Last Week to This Week

Last week I said we need a wash & rinse after another yoyo week, and what we got was … another yoyo week! Optimal conditions will return, and for now the lot of the swing-trader is to sit tight and be extra vigilant with any trades you do make. It’s not that money can’t be […]

Yoyo Markets Need a Wash and Rinse

Enough of these spin cycles, what the market really needs is a complete wash & rinse! Once again, the market looked poised for a meaningful plunge, yet bounced back strongly, creating whipsaws and more challenging outcomes. One way I’ve been advocating handling these conditions is to immediately adjust your stop to breakeven after the first […]

Safe Setups For Current Conditions

The S&P and Dow are both making new highs, but extended stock setups still pose dangers. The safest setup right now is a consolidation above a Key Level where the OVI is corroborating with a bullish sentiment. Earnings has been mixed, with pre-earnings being higher risk this time around.  Last summer it was a breeze, […]

Apple Epitomizes Current Conditions

When you look at Apple you see the dilemma we’ve been encountering with many stocks over the past few months. A seemingly no-brainer breakout, backed up by positive fundamentals, but which then pulls back to create a false breakout. Of course this isn’t playing out everywhere, but more than we’d typically expect, and more than […]

How To Trade in These Conditions

The markets still look bullish by and large, but they remain tricky to trade due to the prevalence of false breakouts and steep retracements. We’re also in earnings season, which adds another layer of risk, though again by and large it looks like we’re in for a largely positive crop of announcements. The big question […]

Look What Just Arrived Today!

Well, this was a nice start to my day … A rather nice and useful package of WiseTraders branded goodies arrived on my doorstep this morning, and I’ve heard that a number of others have also landed today. Great news! Here’s what’s inside: A USB power bank for your mobile devices Four double-sided laminated cheat-sheets […]

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