Stocks Workshop 2019 Software Update and Follow Up

A week on from last Saturday’s workshop and we’ve been busy with the post event activities.

These include:

  • preparing the video recordings
  • ironing out any software bugs
  • laying the groundwork for further enhancements for imminent deployment
    … and much more.

In this broadcast, I walk you through the new TradeFinder, and give a brief overview of the ACE semi-automated system.

The ACE system is a very simply constructed trading system that will soon be accompanied by the more sophisticated “Home Hedge Fund” that will be released most likely in February (after we deploy the live professional version).

Focusing on the ACE for now, there are a few important points for you to know at this stage.

The ACE is based on OVI parameters and total return moving average parameters. Total return includes dividends.
As such the ACE is not based on just OVI and share prices, so its triggers cannot be interpreted from a price chart alone.
While the ACE’s track record has been around 68% winning trades over ten years, my own use of it will be focused on when a new selection has the characteristics of a preferred OVI setup. }
Namely some sort of consolidation within the context of trend and corroborating OVI behaviour.
Accordingly, I’ve placed the ACE system within the watchlist area of our applications, by way of three new watchlists that you now have access to:

  • ACE – New setups
  • ACE – Trades in play
  • ACE 3 – Trades to exit

The Home Hedge Fund model, when released, will more resemble its OVIcopilot predecessor.  The ACE model is more optimally used as a new “idea generator”.
Hopefully that all makes sense, and we’ll certainly cover it in more detail in our first post-event Mastermind, so please watch out for when we’ll hold that in the next few weeks.

In the meantime, please also remember that the new TradeFinders have some further tweaks to be made, and there will be many further improvements over the coming days and weeks as we iron out browser-based bugs that are inevitable when new tech is deployed.

As soon as these are done, we’ll then be finalizing the new software into my OptionEasy suite, which will be ready to deploy in full, in February.

Remember, to log in, just go to, choose the Stocks Workshop link and select Stocks Workshop 2019.

I’ll send my regular market review tomorrow.


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