Still Plenty of Setups – Use P1

After three days of coaxing, finally on Friday evening we saw a new addition to our family arrive in the form of baby Talia!

She’s a lovely little thing, the spitting image of her brother at the same age, and Zippy (our standard long-haired dachshund) has been having a good sniff too to get familiar with his new little sister.

Through the wonders of modern technology, those three days at the hospital were put to good use with the markets still largely behaving constructively. I’ve fixed an issue with our “Bull Put Special” TradeFinder in OptionEasy, and I’ve been testing a new filter for the start of momentum. Plus I have new enhancements to all TradeFinders coming soon, and you may have noticed a new navigation function within the Members area menu.

For those who attended my “Miami” event a few weeks ago, we’ll have our first Mastermind session soon, and for those who attended London November 2019, we’ll have our second Mastermind session soon too!

So, back to the markets!

In summary, still more bullish than bearish, still resilient, and still plenty of very good-looking setups, but a note of caution as the S&P is nestled right below its 200-dma.

In practical terms what that means is stay fussy and make sure you protect your profits using my P1 method … EARLY! Don’t fall into the trap of trying to squeeze the last drop out of a trade. Instead, focus on securing that first profit early, especially right now where one sniff of news can rattle the market in a millisecond.

In today’s OVI Market Review there are plenty of decent setups forming. When you play with the TradeFinders, try using the filters on specific watchlists too, not just entire market or S&P 500.

For example, filters like 5-dma OVI, OVI correlation, post-earnings, crossing 200-dma, and watchlists like Future Earnings beats, the Guy watchlists, the 10X Stocks, etc. Many of you have written in recently to talk about your successes, which is always great to hear about.

Over the next few weeks there will be further additions and improvements.

In the meantime stay safe and I’m hoping to see as many of you as possible in person when we have our next get-together in London on 5th December.

PS. If you’re interested in any of my OVI trading services for stocks or options such as a fast-track mentorship or workshop event, book yourself an appointment here to speak with one of my trusted team.  Many of my members aren’t aware of all the services I offer to help you become an established consistent winner with the OVI.  Remember, everyone is an individual, and I ensure that I can cater to you and your particular needs.

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