Options Symbol Changes

Hi Everyone

You may have noticed that all the options symbols for US stocks have changed.  I’ll post more about that in due course.  The net result willbe beneficial in the long term as the logic is more more transparent and flexible.  

That’s the good news …

The bad news is that this new format plays havoc with everyone’s databases (including our own) and the way that we store, process and analyze our proprietary data.  For us, this could have immediate knock-on effects on Open Interest, Implied Volatility and the OVI.  

Furthermore, the powers that be, have decided in their wisdom to make this change in two stages and are not actually telling anyone when the second stage will be implemented! 

We are therefore putting in some contingency measures to keep our main TradeFinders going while we revamp our entire database structure to accommodate the new option “symbology”.  In the meantime, while today’s TradeFinder results will be delayed, it will resume shortly for the stock price data – including flags of course. 

There may be some inconsistencies with the options data, so if you use Open Interest, please do use the links within TradeFinder to verify the Open Interest in all cases. 

Apologies for any temporary inconvenience, but I must emphasise this is an industry-wide phenomenon that’s affecting everyone who processes complex data like us. 

All the best


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