No Breakout No Losses – Focus on Strength

Well that was a bit of a damp squib wasn’t it?!

Last week looked poised for more upside with many stocks setting up bullishly, but then along came a trade war escalation and the breakouts didn’t materialize.

This is one of the many great reasons for playing breakouts as per my EDGE trading plan. It keeps you safe in scenarios just like the one we’ve seen this week.

In today’s OVI Market Review I’ll revisit stocks that are still showing strength as well as a number that have capitulated.

A couple of other things I want to mention this week …

First, we’ll soon be adding a 20-day moving average the charts as a prelude to new filters in my OVI Private Club Reversals section. The idea is that soon you’ll be able to filter for stocks forming reversals patterns around their 20, 50 or 200 moving average lines where the OVI is still positive.

It will be a way of filtering specifically for those stocks that are having pullbacks but look good to resume their trends.

Of course, when I come to teach you how to do it in the most optimal way, we’ll have already done the research thoroughly and properly.

This leads me to my next point … The way that I will improve all future teachings, especially at my stocks and options workshops.

Introducing “SSSS”

By now you may already be familiar with my E.D.G.E steps for trading stocks.
You may also be aware of my L.E.V.E.R steps for trading options.
Then there’s my OVI trading blueprint with the five Ts (TTTTT).

Well now there’s my four Ss which outlines the way I’m going to start teaching at my events from now on.

S – Strategy … The logic behind why we trade a particular strategy
S – Steps … How to trade the strategy step-by-step
S – Settings … The optimal settings for the strategy
S – Software … How to use my software to find the stocks easily

It’s always exciting to make breakthroughs and improvements – and right now there are many happening with all of our endeavours … from the quant work that underpins my successful strategies, to the updated mobile-optimized websites that we are rolling out, and now also to the way we can coach you in the best way possible.

I’ll elaborate on all of these enhancements during the coming weeks and months.

Today’s stocks have been identified via my existing watchlists, previous reviews we’ve gone through recently, my post-earnings filter and my reversals filters.

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