No Breakout, No Losses – Airline Stocks Did Not Immediately Reverse

Do you rembember last week I mentioned the airline stocks were looking like reversal candidates? 

Well NONE of them actually made an immediate reversal.  

Which means that no-one should have lost because … 

“No breakout means no losses”! 

This is one of the essential parts of my trading plan for nearly all of my strategies.  

You trade when the price is already moving in your favour.  

This is the first lesson to ensure YOU are in control of a trade, NOT the other way around like for so many other traders! 

If you start in control of a trade you’re more likely to continue to stay in control.  

And then you can enjoy the process of KEEPING your profits with my P1 technique, and riding those trends to windfalls with my P2 technique.  

Earnings Survey
While writing, thanks to everyone who filled in the OVI Earnings survey, which was overwhelmingly positive.  I will be getting back to you on this but here are just a few examples of successes with this strategy, quoting verbatim: 

  • 120% average return 
  • 60%; 20% 
  • 30% TSLA 
  • 60% in nine days with options 
  • Best trade 125% on TSLA but for me the steady income is most important 
  • $1,000 
  • $4,000 
  • $2,300 
  • 25% in one day 
  • There have been a number of them from a few hundred to $7,000 – $8,000 winners.  Typical is $1,000 profit. 
  • £2,000 
  • $53,000 on LNKD 
  • 50% on AAPL 
  • $2,761 
  • $5,800 
  • $5,000 
  • 45% on AAPL and 57% on AMZN 
  • 110% in two weeks 
  • 256 points on one trade, £4,000 combined profit 
  • 160% profit on BABA 
  • 1,000 points on ATHM (that’s a $10 move on a $50 stock, ie 20%, which with spread bet leverage is 200%!)  
  • 5,689 points (that’s a move of $56.89 on a single stock – the stock wasn’t mentioned, but it’s a huge gain in spread bet terms) 
  • 412% profit in 101 days on BA call 

These are fantastic testimonials for a great strategy that only we can do because we have the OVI.  But for those who aren’t achieving these kinds of results we will follow up and help you get on the right path.  

A common mistake is trying to force a setup when it’s not really there. 

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