No breakout, no losses

The Markets

One of the key advantages of trading breakouts with a robust trading plan is that if a flag or channel doesn’t break out in the direction of the trend, you won’t lose because your trade was never triggered. 

Before yesterday we had a number of bear flags forming, but none of them broke support, so none of them triggered a trade.  Instead the market decided to go on a buying binge and prices rebounded upwards sharply.  

In my last Private Traders Club meeting I spoke of a short term bounce followed by more downside in the medium term.  There’s nothing that sways me from this viewpoint right now.  Short term we’re having a bounce.  We’ll see what happens in the medium term, starting from next week following Labor Day weekend.  

Of course we can always change our mind, but its fair to say that we’ve been bang-on with our market synopsis this year and the reason for this is our dovetailing of the OVI and the simple chart patterns that we focus on.  

It’s my view that this will give you the best possible advantage in managing your share portfolio, and to be able to weather the ups and downs of the market’s cycles.  

In the next couple of months I’ll be inviting more members to our exclusive Private Trader’s Club, but only once some major upgrades are completed.  More about that very soon.  

Forex Again

While writing, we seemed to have a bit of a glitch last night with our emails, so I’m going to include the Forex note again, in case you didn’t see it.  

I’m not a Forex expert but I do receive a lot of enquiries, so I therefore do conduct a fair amount of research into various systems.  And from time to time I’ll give you the chance to view them and judge for yourself.  

One such system Secret Forex Trader from Sean Anderson, whom I’ve known for a couple of years.  He’s a sound individual and very serious about his work.  His approach is very hands-on and will suit those who want something low maintenance.  

You can see view more details Here 
This system is definitely one of the simplest and most time efficient ways of trading the Forex markets that I have seen.  The most impressive statistic is that Sean’s system has gained 3,305 pips so far this year.  

Again, if you’re pressed for time, the bonus is you don’t have to spend hours in front of charts looking for patterns based on a system or set of rules, all the work is done for you.  This is great whether you are a complete beginner or have been trading Forex for years.  

You simply:

 1 – Receive an SMS text and email alert telling you where to enter the market
 2 – Login and place your trade
 3 – Set your profits levels

And what is even better is that they have just increased the membership for 12 months live trade calls instead of 6.  What this means is that you will receive actual trade calls telling where to enter the market and where take your profit for 12 whole months!

All you have to do is follow the trade calls!  (note this is not something you’d use to manage your share portfolio – it’s a straight-up Forex system). 

And remember, since the start of the year the system has gained 3,305 pips,

Check out the Special Offer Here

All the best 


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