Netflix is the Poster Child for this Earnings Season

Last week I mentioned that the market was slightly biased to the upside, and that still seems to be the case a week later.

However, you do need to implement the correct strategy with the correct tactics.

I personally will focus on POST-Earnings this time around, with perhaps the odd small nibble of some interesting pre-earnings setups.

But even with those I will only play them on the condition of a breakout beyond resistance (bullish) or support (bearish).

Otherwise you could be caught in a situation like NFLX which gapped down at its earnings last week, even though it looked like a bullish chart.

So the lesson is, “Trade what you see in the context of what you see!”

Currently we see a choppy market with a slight upside bias … so there is no need to be overly aggressive right now.

Be smart with your tactics as well as picking the right strategy.