More OVI Setups to Learn From Today

If you attended my OVI Traders event in London two weeks ago (live or remotely), the workshop recording has been published on the Private Workshop website, and you can now review the recordings, which are conveniently organized into the same chapter headings as within the manual.

There are more setups today than last week, but we do remain in a higher risk market.

In today’s video – again broadcast to you from Malaysia – I run through a process you can use, plus several interesting setups.

Remember also, how portable you can be with your trading business. Last week I showed you how to convert your laptop into multiple screens by using a simple app and an iPad.

During the next few months I will make it as portable as just using an iPad or other tablet as we convert all OVI applications to being mobile optimized.

That’s the beauty of trading like this with the OVI, as I’m demonstrating during my own travel schedule … it is something you can do from anywhere in the world because of the technology we use, because of our specific techniques, and because we don’t need to be staring at our screens during market hours.

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