‘Mixed’ Market Reaches New Highs

The DJ-30, S&P 500 and Russell 2000 continue to new highs while the Nasdaq languishes … this really is an extraordinarily robust market, but it is not without its challenges.

The main issue is that there simply is no yield to be had elsewhere, so more and more money keeps flowing into the stock market.

The challenges in question relate to choppiness meaning some otherwise sound positions get stopped out when a whipsaw occurs.

What’s the answer?  Well, get back to the basics of examining which sectors are flourishing.  Oil & Gas and Financials for example …

What that means is to use the Dashboard to get that 30,000 ft view of the market and only play where it looks safe.

From there you can use the TradeFinders to focus on just those sectors that look smooth.

As per the last two weeks, this week I’m going to show you setups in both directions as there are plenty of bears as well as bulls with Big Money Footprints on display.

I have no doubt that tech will recover but it’s a question of whether they recover while giving us low risk setups to take advantage on.  Time will tell.

Now for something fun …

In the next two weeks we will be releasing the brand new Stock Profile Page!  For all stocks that we cover, you will be able to get a full view of it from our perspective of Big Money Footprints and all of the indicators that we include.  You’ll access this either via a TradeFinder results section, or just by typing the stock name or ticker into a white box at the top of our members areas.

The other big release will be the brand new Options VIP TradeFinder where you can access all of the TradeFinder strategies in one place, and it will also cover all of the VIP Stocks TradeFinder features as well as the options filters.

Talking of options, be sure to attend my webinar this Thursday where I will be showcasing a simple income strategy where you can win even if the stock does “nothing”!

Even better than that, I’ll show you how to find interesting trades for that strategy without even having to input anything to find them.  And that particular application has had an 83% win rate since its launch in April 2020 … so well worth attending!

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In today’s OVI Market Review, like last week you’ll see bearish as well as bullish setups where our Big Money Footprints are prominent and obvious!

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