Mixed Market Means Scale Back

Today’s market review has something for everyone.

  1. A full review, including stocks I’ve just filtered for, stocks I’ve been reviewing recently, and stocks that are providing a great learning lesson.
  2. A quick demo of my PRE-prototype mobile optimized TradeFinder.  Not only will this end up being fully functional on mobile devices, but it will also have NEW filters, PLUS users will be able to filter their own watchlists, not just the entire stocks universe.
    This will be a game-changer and save immense time.
  3. Two intruders BARGE IN on my recording today … and I didn’t edit out the footage!

Now, how about the markets?

Another choppy week means a similar message to last time … Sticking to my rules is paramount, and in this news driven market it’s best to scale back until the chop is over.

In these conditions something important occurred to me …

What got me to be a stickler for rules, and indeed creating the very rules that I did … was PAIN!  Namely:

  • The pain of losing from badly placed trades – often from a rush of blood rather than proper reasoned analysis
  • The pain of losing more from a trade due to wishful thinking (that my bad trades would magically repair themselves) and being paralyzed with fear, rather than cutting losses at a sensible stop level
  • The pain of not really knowing what to do at any point in the trading process.

In setting out to fix those issues I realized that specializing is crucial to short, medium, AND long term success.

My academic background told me that stocks was the only realistic instrument for a private trader, and my specific training from my Finance MBA meant I had the skills to create the OVI.

And it’s the combination of the OVI and my trading plan that creates the magic, even in these tricky market conditions.

In today’s OVI review you’ll see many setups, but only a few have the right combination of a trade-worthy OVI and a trade-worthy setup.

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