Lower Probability Market Conditions Means Be Conservative

A number of stocks to go through today … 

However, as I’ve mentioned several times recently, these are lower probability market conditions, which means you 
must be more cautious than normal. 

This means your selections have to be more discerning.  
And also your trade management has to be more conservative … using my entry and exit techniques.  

You can actually see how the market is behaving by way of the OVI Dashboard and the quality of setups that you’ll find out there.  

But the good news is this … It’s amazing that you can actually see this at all!  

Most traders out there have no clue whatsoever of how to interpret market conditions, or they think they can max out in all conditions … highly unrealistic even for the pros.  

That’s one of the many advantages the OVI gives us, ie the ability to differentiate between benign market conditions and tricky conditions.   

In today’s OVI market review I’m highlighting bullish and bearish stocks.  

You may ask “Why include bullish stocks in this market?”, which is a great question! 

The reason is that, like many traders, I naturally gravitate to more bullish scenarios, which in many cases are easier to trade as they are typically neater, and there are a few decent looking propositions even in the context of a tricky market.  

However, we must be versatile and therefore there are several bearish setups in today’s video too. 

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