Google, GS, Earnings Season and a Short Video

Google, GS, Earnings and Why My Students Succeed

My trading plan gives you both safety and the ability to make windfalls.  The plan has been honed after years of experience and research.  GOOG’s shenanigans last week only serve to emphasise the wisdom and effectiveness of what we do.  

The price drop simply could not affect anyone trading my method as the trendline protected you at just under $750 around 9th October, well before the earnings date and collapse.  The stock closed on Friday at $681.79.  

goog 2012.10.20.jpg

Only last week I emailed you saying that GS looked interesting but shouldn’t be traded just before its earnings announcement.  Well, GS broke out as expected but has stalled as the markets wobble in the aftershock of GOOG’s hiccup.  If the markets bounce back, I would expect GS to be a leader.  

I also highlighted GS in late August as a classic OVI-breakout opportunity.  It did break out from around $107 for a handy $17 move or 1,700 spread bet point profit in just two weeks.  

gs 2012.10.20.jpg

One trade, 1,700 points profit in just 2 weeks.  It was completely obvious to anyone who trades by my rules, and just one great trade like this is plenty to keep you happy until the next really obvious one comes along.  

This is how we trade.  The obvious opportunities and that’s all.  

My Students Succeed

When you trade the obvious opportunities you will win.  It’s been proven time and time again.  The people who follow my rules make stupendous returns using my methods.  

Watch this short video to see more.  

All the best


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