Emergency Briefing Recording

I hope you and your loved ones are keeping well.

The markets continue to gyrate, and will continue to do so for a while yet.

Our kind of opportunities will still come, so it’s not all bad from a trader’s point of view.

However, at the very least we must expect the indices to test the recent lows at least once, and that would be a good outcome.  The likelihood – make that certainty – is that news will continue to drive sentiment and behaviour.

And yet, among all this drama what you’ll see in today’s OVI Market Review is that a classic OVI setup, which I explicitly drew days in advance, has been the single most profitable move during the last few weeks.

So, whatever is going on out there, PLEASE keep your OVI shape and plan, because even in these crazy times, our trading plan still consistently beats anything else and keeps you out of trouble too.

Today’s OVI Market Review is a replay of my Thursday night webinar.

Here are just a few of the highlights with time stamps …

  • 14:53  The little-known indicator that suggests the markets haven’t hit their lows yet
  • 37:04  Four longer-term ‘stocks to watch’ to keep on your radar
  • 01:26:33  How you can take advantage of a bear market without shorting and without even having to buying puts
  • 01:28:53  The ‘pandemic survival’ trading plan that will help you stay confident, safe, and in control in all market conditions.
  • And more … including my forecast for the market!  


Same as last week.  More volatility, more news-driven moves.  More opportunities if you’re on your toes!  But don’t deviate from what we already know succeeds.

Finally, when you do go into bat, be conservative with those P1 First Profit Targets, and if the move continues in your favour you’ll already have protected your position in advance of the windfall.



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