Earnings Starts on a Positive Foot

I’ve been a bit like a kid in a candy store the last couple of days as I start playing with the new VIP TradeFinder on our development server.

Over the coming days I’ll give demonstrations about how the new TradeFinder configurations are a quantum leap from before, and we will be releasing them into Production pretty quickly from here.

Along with the new TradeFinders, I’ll also be releasing new one-click Fast Filter buttons where you can select high probability ‘Big Money’ filter combinations with just one click.

With all this progress, it’s vitally important that you use these new facilities to SIMPLIFY your trading and become even more focused.  It will be very tempting to do too much, whereas redoubling your focus is actually the aim here!

As for the markets, they still look bullish by a number of metrics, and the markets seem unfazed by the uncertainty of the upcoming election and various other news uncertainties abounding right now.

Those very uncertainties do make this a higher risk market, but my attention is on the bullish side of things.

In terms of the election itself, my hunch is that the markets believe Trump will win.  Either that or they’re unfazed by a Biden win.  A Trump win is what the markets would prefer, so it’s intriguing that they’re so robust right now with the polls seemingly favouring Biden so much right now.

Today’s OVI Market Review is a long one, so you might want to play it at 1.5x speed!  There are several plum setups in there, with a proliferation of stocks that have recently crossed and held the 50-dma Key Level along with the other Big Money Footprints in play.

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