All focus now on earnings

As I mentioned last week, stocks have continued to drift upwards into this earnings season, indeed with new records being made.

Also like last time, many of our previously-mentioned stocks have reached their first profit targets.

And I’m still inclined to say that there’s more positive movement to come, but as ever we will only “trade what we see”.

In today’s review I’m highlighting some pre-earnings setups, a couple of post-earnings setups and three potential straddles.

These are my three earnings strategies, which make these quarterly events so lucrative and so much fun.

Remember though, that sticking to the rules is a fundamental part of our success.  My rules exist because we’ve done the research, so be patient and ensure you’re sticking to tried and tested processes.

Once you embrace the OVI system as a whole, you will see consistent excellent results.  That’s because we use proven logic with a very smart trading plan wrapped in.

My main emphasis will be on post-earnings in the next few weeks, and while pre-earnings and straddles are fun, they are not “bread and butter” strategies.

Bye for now

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