A Bounce Is Likely This Week – But Only Trade If It’s In the OVI Direction

This week there is a strong likelihood of at least a short term bounce.  I can see many potential reversal setups, but these could be short term.  If you don’t know how to trade them properly you could be vulnerable to whipsaw action,  If you do know how to trade them properly, then only do so in the direction of the individual stock’s OVI, and stick to my reversals trading plan.  More about that shortly.

Last week I mentioned that managing risk is a one of the keys to your success.

This is one of the reasons why my OVI strategies have so much ongoing success …

My trading plan is a game-changer as so many of my elite and mentorship members keep telling me when they consistently outperform the market.

So, please remember the steps from last week:

1. Only follow the OVI direction – this will increase your probabilities

2. Only follow my risk control process – this will ensure controllable outcomes whether you’re trading my continuation or reversal strategies.

In this market that means don’t try to be too clever in going against the trend unless you’re very familiar with trading my reversals strategies.

If you’re not familiar with my reversals, do consider my workshop on 1st December where I’ll cover them in detail.

In today’s market review we’ll look at the overall state of the markets, so potential reversals and other post earnings setups.