A Big Confession and Stick-Shift

On Thursday at 4.55pm UK time, the fantastic Paul in my Support Team SMS’d me to ask when I was going to open my webinar session as it was only five minutes from starting.

Several rapid-fire expletives later I was starting the webinar having not prepared a jot!  The reason for my absent-mindedness was that I had been deep into the research side of things, and when I’m in that mode I may as well be on a different planet.

Now, normally I wouldn’t mention this as it could seem unprofessional, but there is a significant moral to the story here.

You see, I did give the webinar, and fortunately the feedback was very positive, so I’m going to make that webinar this week’s OVI Market Review for you!  During the webinar I highlighted stocks that were breaking even as we spoke.  In particular WPM which I had highlighted was changing its OVI profile right in advance of its breakout.

Before you watch it though, there is something else to mention …


Earlier this week we had to take on a rental car, and the one they gave us is a stick-shift (manual).

I haven’t driven a manual car for over 20 years … but did that matter?

Astonishingly no!  Muscle memory from all that time ago meant I can still drive a stick-shift without even thinking about it.

This phenomenon (and my watch lists!) is what enabled me to give my webinar on Thursday.

You see, even without preparing I was well prepared because of the good habits I have fostered, from regularly reviewing the markets to regularly executing the correct trading plan.

All this has created constructive muscle memory for doing the right thing and knowing what is going on in the markets.

Definitely think about that … I’ll be talking more about it next week.


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