Monthly Archives: March 2021

Focus on Stocks Hugging Those Key Levels

A two day recovery across the board shows exactly why this market is so treacherous.  The trends simply aren’t getting a chance to set their roots. That’s not to say there haven’t been decent breakouts … there have.  But they have been outnumbered by false breakouts. So, what to do? First, this is not a […]

A Market Punctuated by Steep Retracements

Last week’s bulletin was titled: << ‘Mixed’ Market Reaches New Highs >> And that turned out to be a pretty accurate way to phrase it … Because while the S&P and Dow were reaching new highs, we were still seeing steep retracements and decent setups were forming false breakouts and whipsaws. So, ultimately not the […]

‘Mixed’ Market Reaches New Highs

The DJ-30, S&P 500 and Russell 2000 continue to new highs while the Nasdaq languishes … this really is an extraordinarily robust market, but it is not without its challenges. The main issue is that there simply is no yield to be had elsewhere, so more and more money keeps flowing into the stock market. […]

Sub-Optimal Market Conditions Mean Be Super Fussy Right NOw

Last week I mentioned that the market was providing setups in both directions … We got that right!  Oil and gas stocks and many financials benefiting from the recent sector rotations on the bullish side, while tech stock have been hammered on the bearish side – remember I mentioned put options last week. But conditions […]

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