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What is Guy’s background?

During his finance MBA at Cass Business School, Guy specialised in stocks and options analysis. It was at this time that he found the tools for home-based traders were simply not good enough.

So he started to build his own, which helped him make a 1,400% return in just a few months.

Soon the word got around and FT Prentice Hall commissioned Guy’s first bestselling book. He then licensed his OptionEasy software to Euronext Liffe (subsequently part of NYSE). More books followed as did a group of home-based traders who became loyal devotees.

Over the years Guy’s research deepened in a largely unknown area of the market: options data, which he had been collecting and using for many years.

This research resulted in the OVI, which he makes available to a select small group of traders. The loyalty of this group is unrivalled in the highly transient world of trading education. Many of Guy’s members have been with him from the beginning, and continue to benefit from his tireless commitment to keep improving his system.

Guy Cohen

Meet the inspiration behind the OVI Indicator

“If you know what the leveraged players are doing, you have the keys to the kingdom”

“If you know what the leveraged players are doing, you have the keys to the kingdom”

A trusted innovator in financial trading, Guy is the creator and originator of the unique OVI Indicator. Specialising in Stocks and Options, Guy is the author of the best-selling books:

NYSE Euronext licensed Guy’s options software, and
Guy also provided options data analysis for The International Securities Exchange (ISE).

Guy has an MBA (Finance) from Cass Business School, London.

Over the years Guy has made valued contributions to news agencies including Reuters, Bloomberg, The Street, as well as several brokers and financial publishers

What makes your experience with Guy different?

We can only go by what traders tell us, but their testimonies
reflect exactly what Guy has wanted to achieve:

1    |    A genuine simple trading method that anyone can use from anywhere.

2    |    A trading method that is based on empirical reality, logic and testable evidence.

3    |    A trading method that accepts human emotions and gives you a valid technique to work with them.

These three components are the secret to Guy’s
sound trading methodology:

Guy’s trading rules are based on empirical soundness and designed to prevent dangerous impulses from damaging your trades.

  • No-one else has developed an indicator as effective or elegant as the OVI.
  • No-one else has developed these rules that keep you in control, keep you safe, and yet able to play for windfall profits.
  • No-one else has developed such a simple but independently proven trading system for the home-based trader.

That’s what makes your experience with Guy different!

Guy’s books

Guy is one of the most respected financial trading authors in the world, with two bestsellers in multiple editions and languages. His books include:

Options made Easy

Now in its third edition, Options Made Easy does exactly what it says! Now also with comprehensive OVI materials.

Bible of Options Strategies

Now in its second edition, The Bible of Options Strategies is a constant companion on the desks of professionals and amateur traders alike. The latest edition includes optimal OVI setups for each strategy.

The Insider

The Insider Edge was the first of Guy’s books to mention the OVI.
The book focuses on stocks.

Volatile Markets made easy

Much of Volatile Markets Made Easy is still highly relevant to sound trading practice, though this book does not include references to the OVI.

Guy’s team

A talented team helps Guy to bring you OVI Traders

Sid Li

IT Developer

Harold Cabrera

Data Science & Analytics

Jay Caan

Customer Relations Liaison

Matt Sawatzky

IT Developer

Narishma Poonwaise


Paul Ridout


Glenn Sirott

Senior Mentor

Chloe Hung

Mentor and Customer Support

Michael Leconte

Customer Support

Guy’s Blog

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