“With all the tools and education I have received I am very, very confident that I will continue making
substantial profits from trading.”

Your OVI journey in three easy steps

Step 1

Discover the overall market direction in just seconds with a simple glance at the OVI indicator. Doing this is proven to give you an enhanced probability of being right.

Step 2

Enter your trade at the optimal point – this has been carefully calculated to ensure maximum safety.

Step 3

Follow our unique trading plan to ensure that you are in control throughout every trade. Sit back and enjoy watching your profits grow!

A unique approach

Why follow the masses when you can follow THE EXPERTS?

“You don’t come across truly life-changing technology every day”

The OVI exclusively follows the activity of the deep-pocketed leveraged players in the market, in other words, THE EXPERTS who are prepared to risk more because they believe they will make more!

In this way, the OVI cuts through the noise and is proven to accurately signal the overall market direction.

OVI Highlights

Unique system

The OVI is Guy Cohen’s proprietary indicator, 20 years in the making. Every night our servers plough through BILLIONS of data points, doing the hard work for you.
There’s nothing like it anywhere else.

Independently endorsed

The OVI is proven and endorsed by independent hedge fund analysts. Of institutional quality, it is the envy of other trading educators.
For home investors, the OVI is the single greatest tool you can ever use to beat the markets.
Never before has a tool of such quality been available to the home investor.

Proven success

Whether from individual testimonials or through rigorous testing to institutional standards, the OVI is proven to give traders a significant edge.

And we continue to make improvements which are validated independently to ensure we remain within accepted institutional standards.
You simply won’t find anything like this anywhere else!

How the OVI is different from other popular methods

  • Leading indicator
  • Empirically proven
  • Based on provable logic
  • Objectively based
  • Simple for anyone to use




  • Leading
  • Empirically
  • Based on
    provable logic
  • Objectively
  • Simple for
    anyone to use

OVI indicator


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Guy Cohen

Meet the inspiration behind the OVI Indicator

“If you know what the leveraged players are doing, you have the keys to the kingdom”

A trusted innovator in financial trading, Guy is the creator of the unique OVI Indicator. Specialising in Stocks and Options, Guy is the author of the best-selling books:

“If you know what the leveraged players are doing, you have the keys to the kingdom”

Guy’s institutional clients have included NYSE Euronext and The International Securities Exchange.

Guy has an MBA (Finance) from Cass Business School, London.

Over the years Guy has made valued contributions to news agencies including Reuters, Bloomberg, The Street, as well as several brokers and financial publishers

What our members say

See what they have achieved with the OVI Indicator in their own words

James H. / Beaconsfield, UK

When I’ve traded without the OVI I’ve tended to regret it

“This is my fourth time at Guy’s event and I keep on coming back because I learn something new and it’s always great to meet Guy himself. I’ve been trading for about 6 years now and I’ve been using Guys products for about 4 years. The OVI gives you that additional faith and certainty. My favourite strategy is his OVI gap-up after earnings. When I’ve traded without the OVI I’ve tended to regret it, so I’ve learned to stick to it!”

Roger W. / London, UK

Guy is a true partner in trading

“What really makes OVI Traders and Guy different from other providers is he is honest, he is patient, he has a method which manifestly works and is easy to understand why it works.
He explains why he takes a trade week-in and week-out, he trades himself, and it is enjoyable and entertaining to watch his weekly videos. He makes a lonely trader feel he is getting somewhere.
But mostly he and his system have been around for at least 10 years and he is still teaching the same system which he can demonstrate works. Other providers are marketers, every 6 months they market a ‘new, better’ system. ”

Charles T. / Reading, UK

I have doubled my account within a week.

“With all the support Guy provides, I am a lot more confident in trading than I was before. The most valuable lesson I have learnt is NOT to force a trade without the right setup. My favourite strategy is OVI breakout. In terms of best trades I have made so far, I have made 70% on one trade and I have doubled my account within a week.“

Rumi P. / London, UK

I am very, very confident to continue making substantial profits from trading

“I met Guy about a year ago and started using his products 6 months ago, I got to know him and trust him and I like his ethics. After using Guys strategies, I made 60% profit on an option trade, which is amazing value in only 4-5 days! I have been trading for 10 years but since I’ve been learning from Guy I have learnt many, many good things. With all the tools Guy gives us and videos online I am very, very confident to continue making substantial profits from trading. With the course and material Guy offers and the content he gives is amazing value. If anyone is looking for a solution to their trading this will be it! I definitely recommend the OVI to people out there. Anyone who is looking to trade successfully and professionally should come speak to Guy.”

Kedsey A. / San Diego, California

I made over $200,000 in profits.

“Guy took me from 15 newsletters down to just one, saving me a fortune in subs alone! But he did so much more than that, transforming an undisciplined trading addict into a proper trader who made over $200,000 in profits. ”

Ryan D. / Portland, Oregon

I am up $68,050 on KR and SWKS alone.

“Total gain with various entry dates I am up $68,050 on KR and SWKS alone, and another $51,950 on five additional trades.”

Your path to world-class results

You can use the OVI to trade your way to financial freedom with stocks, options or both


Use the OVI to trade stocks, CFDs, or to spread bet.

When you trade with the OVI you don’t need to be an expert on the market. All you need to do is follow our simple, proven strategies.

Regardless of your level, the OVI Stocks applications are a great place to start your OVI experience.


OptionEasy is the home of all your options applications and education.

OptionEasy is regarded as one of the finest options education and software packages in the world, and was licenced to Euronext/NYSE exchange for nine years.


Accelerate your growth with our one-to-one coaching.


Many traders benefit hugely from learning in person or remotely at our exciting live events and getting to know other like-minded OVI traders.

Guy’s events are always sold out and have an amazing 70% repeat attendance rate! That alone tells you why you need to book yourself for the next one right now!

Where are you on your trading journey?

The OVI works for all levels of traders – Which one are you?

You’re new to trading

So you want to know where to start…
Start right here!
With the OVI you’ll be on the right path immediately, and the best part is you won’t have to unlearn all those bad habits that other traders pick up in their journeys.
Your path to success will be much faster and smoother by sticking to the OVI right from the start.

I have some experience

So you’ve tried trading but had challenges…
Don’t give up now! Things are about to get better!
You’ve just found THE answer that has transformed the fortunes of home-based traders all around the world.
Whether you’ve already made some trades or were too scared to press that button, you can now start to learn a proven method with confidence!

I’m an advanced Stocks trader

So you have plenty of experience but you instinctively know you could do so much better…

You’re right … You can do better!
The OVI is used by professionals and high net worth individuals who have shared the same sentiments and experiences as you.

The more you use the OVI, the more you’ll see its power and want to continue trading with it.

I’m interested in Options

You can use the OVI with options as well as stocks…

Trade-specific options strategies with the OVI.
By now you’ll realize that the OVI derives its power from the intelligence of the large options players.
So you’re already in the right zone…
With our options suite you can trade specific strategies with the OVI putting the odds firmly in your favour.